Squats, Deadlifting, and Back Pain

Deadlifts and squats are very popular and effective exercises for improving leg and core strength, power, and muscle size. Unfortunately, many people do them too heavy or with poor form and end up getting hurt instead of reaping the benefits. While these exercises do put stress on your back and core, I feel that they can improve your back and core strength and injury resistance if done properly. My recommendation is that deadlifts should be avoided at first until there is minimal or no pain/discomfort in the lower back and the legs and upper back are sufficiently strong. I think bodyweight squats, ball squats, or wall squats can be done no matter who you are or what ails you. Even partial squats can be beneficial and you can slowly progress slightly lower every day, week, every other week, etc. I’ve worked with dozens of people that were told they could never do any squats ever and within a few weeks they are doing dumbbell squats and wide squats like experts, pain free. Progress conservatively with deadlifts and squats when it comes to weight increases and always make proper technique and pain-free range of motion the top priority.

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