Stay Hydrated For Health & Performance!

If you've been in the Boston area this week, you've experienced an intense heatwave with several days in the 90s or hotter. The heat can be exhausting, as well as dangerous, for a lot of people. The average human body is nearly 2/3 water and it is vital to all of our chemical reactions and processes. Losing as little as 1% of your body's water can have significant negative affects on your performance and health. Throughout the year, and during this weather especially, it is crucial to try and stay hydrated. The best way to do this is drink liquids, mostly water, throughout the day and try to bring water with you everywhere you go. You want to be drinking enough water that your bodyweight does not go down drastically throughout the day.

If you are sweating profusely or exercising for long periods of time, a sports drink can be beneficial to maintain adequate levels of the electrolytes glucose, sodium, potassium, and chloride. Gatorade or Powerade are ok but for most people I recommend diluting them with water, most people don't need all the sugars and electrolytes a normal concentration provides. You should be drinking enough water throughout the day that you are using the restroom relatively often. Don't forget that caffeine and alcohol will dehydrate you so you will need to drink extra water for any alcoholic or caffeinated beverage consumed. If you want to be extra healthy, invest in a Brita water filter and purchase a BPA free plastic or aluminum water bottle. Enjoy the heat while it lasts, it sure beats shoveling snow! Bottoms up and stay cool!

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