Frugal Workout: Beginner - Intermediate Bodyweight Workout No Equipment Needed

Warmup Sets of Pushups (10 Reps)
Warmup Set of Crunches (15 Reps)

(x = 1 set)
3x Pushups (10-15 reps per set)
3x Tricep Dips (10-15 reps per set)
2x Crunches on Physioball (20+ reps per set)
2x Twisting Crunches on Physioball (20 total reps per set (10 twists on each side)
3x Bodyweight Squats
2x Bodyweight Wide Squats
3x Planks (10-20 second holds per set)
3x Alternating Heel Taps (12 taps on each side)
2x Mountain Climbers (12 on each leg)
2x Calf Raises off stair
2x Quick Stepups (up up down downs) on stair

Tricep Bench Dips: Tri Harder!

Workout should take 30-45 minutes total, minimal breaks between sets

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