Your Questions Answered: Pro-Hormones For Muscle Mass and Fat Burning?

    • As a general rule, I wouldn't advise anyone to take a product that directly affects,
      or claims to affect, any growth hormone or testosterone levels in your body. Bad Idea

      Your Question:
      What are your thoughts on pro-hormones? Do you think I should give them a shot to try and put on more muscle and burn more fat? Are they safe?

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      Frugal Fitness Answer:

      I am strongly against them but I must say I've never used them so I don't know from personal experience. I'm assuming you might be referring to Andro (made famous by Mark McGwire during the home run race vs Sammy Sosa) and all those pseudo-steroids they used to sell at GNC and other supplement stores before 2006 ban. From what I've read, heard, and seen, they seem just as likely to cause all the side effects of steroids but with less benefits, worse side effects (more damaging to your liver due to more chemical reactions needed to convert to testosterone etc), and more money. Sounds like a lose lose situation to me.

      If you are referring to M1-Test, Winstrol, Decca, and all those other borderline "legal steroids" I honestly don't know. If they are still legal (which I think they are), then I am assuming they are very weak but I could be wrong. Again, seems like a lose-lose situation to me, as they either barely work at high risk, or they work well at high risk. I would personally rather stick to a good diet and training regimen, protein, creatine, multivitamins/multiminerals, omega-3 fatty acids, green tea,  etc and not take the risks. I think you can certainly look big or ripped enough (without looking like an idiot) without any hormonal booster.
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