Frugal Healthy Recipe & Video: Panzanella

Recipe By Amanda of The Skinny Spice

3 celery stalks
1 yellow pepper
half small red onion or 3-4 scallions
3-4 ripe tomatoes
1 day old italian tuscan white  bread about 2 slices optional
1 seedless cucumber
fresh basil
sea salt a pinch
black pepper
extra virgin olive oil about 1/4 cup 
1 tablespoon of balsamic vinigar aged 10 yrs.
may use fresh lemon juice
capers (optional)

Soak the one day old bread in water for about a 2 - 3 minutes ...then squezze excess water out & set aside. Chop the celery, cucumbers , tomatoes, basil  and onions. Mix together with oil, vinigar add salt & black pepper. Place the day old bread in the center of a dish and then top the mixture over the bread & sides of the plate. Leave in fridge & serve cold. Very refreshing dish!

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