Frugal Recipe: Cinnamon Raisin Bread

By Marissa Bognanno, Professional Chef & Author of The Boot Blog

We have this promotional mug at home from Sleepytime Tea with a bear on it in a rocking chair. It says, "Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea." I always thought that was so sweet, and true, that life is about simple pleasures. 

My Nana was the queen of toast and tea; every day during Oprah she would have a cup and a slice of toast. Cinnamon raisin was a favorite, but any toast would do, really. Now, I find myself having toast for breakfast every single morning. Though we don't have a toaster, or really good bread for that matter (you know, a nice whole wheat with seven grains or flax seeds) I make do. But yesterday, all I wanted was the smell of cinnamon raisin toast, with melted butter, and tea. And when I want something (food related), there's no stopping me.

I made a few tweaks to the King Arthur Flour recipe, but it still came out great, albeit a bit flat and dense. Breads are one of those things that I don't have a hand at yet, but I'm going to keep trying. Cinnamon raisin bread must be in my culinary repertoire, so that I can have great toast and tea for life!

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