Get ON My Internets #3: Even More Praise For Positive Online Influencers

Maverick (& Goose / Iceman) Give These people an Epic Thumbs Up!
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ROUND 3 of POSITIVITY! That rhymes and you know it does! I got 13 more positive online influencers here to spread some good old health and happiness instead of what the gloomy peeps at "Get Off My Internets" do all day. If you're wondering what that is, what this post is about, or why you are on here, then you can look it up or read my prior posts on the topic. It's a good thing if you are on this list! :) This list was pretty easy to compile as I love everyone's content and personality on here a great deal, some I've been following for many years. I hope you enjoy the stuff they have to offer! Stay healthy and think happy thoughts everyone! Enjoy these epic fitness social media influencers:

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1) Gene Bergeron of BMF Sports: Lift Without Limits
This guy is what these lists are all about! Gene is a paraplegic C5/C6 champion wheel chair bodybuilder and overall very positive individual. He's very active on BodySpace, Facebook, and social media in general and is very well respected in the bodybuilding community. He is very motivating and supportive of others and truly a great example of pushing your limits and succeeding regardless of the obstacles life throws in your path.

2) Dustin Bratton of Bratton Fitness:
Dustin is indeed a champion of inspiring others! He got out of shape working his office job after college but decided to get in peak physical condition by educating himself and winning his office 'Biggest Loser" challenge as well as the First Annual Frugal Fitness 90 Day Transformation Challenge! After improving his life and inspiring others, he decided to get his NASM Personal Training Certification and went on to build an incredible personal training business clientele in record time! He's always positive and active on Facebook and other social media platforms, and he's no inspiring clients and readers in his hometown of Danville, Illinois and worldwide! He is a continuing source of inspiration for me.

3) Casey Desmond:
Casey Desmond is one of Boston's and electro-pop's most talented musicians! She thrived on NBC's hit show The Voice, featured on MTV's "I'm 16 and Pregnant" and other shows as part of the soundtrack, and has won countless awards for her singing and musical accomplishments. She's also an experienced and talented artist, fashion designer, model, and producer. This starlet has some incredible tunes, cool threads, and a rabid fan base that she always finds time to chat with and entertain via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more! You can catch plenty of her local Boston shows with her talented guitarist Taylor Barefoot at their kickass studio / venue The Sound Museum and throughout Boston and the US! I guarantee her songs will be stuck in your head, and in a good way!

4) Elizabeth Siegel of TofuSquirrel:
Liz is an extremely talented artist hailing from Boston and Lesley University. Her incredible and unique artwork has been featured in universities, museums, music acts, concerts, storefronts, comic cons, magazines, newspapers, and more throughout the United States! She's won too many awards to name and is an friendly, innovative, and independent artist that you should get to know! I need to get off my frugal ass and buy some of her artwork asap!

5) JoAnn Lefebvre, Founder and CEO of Shift 2 Inbound Marketing:
I've know JoAnn for years now and she's an influential internet marketing expert in New England and beyond. JoAnn and her company has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, companies, and products get off the ground and thrive in today's difficult economy and cutthroat competition. She has done this with a tireless work ethic, education in new technologies, online marketing expertise, superior data analysis, and networking with some of the best in the business. She's obviously very active on social media and other online platforms and has helped my grassroots frugal marketing a great deal over the years!

6) Nick Paniagua of Sacrifice and Honor (SH) Athletics:
StraightEdge for the win! That's right, Nick is drug-free bodybuilder, fitness model, and nutrition guru that is all about looking good and performing at your best without the juice! Nick is a well-known on BodySpace and is also pretty established on Facebook and Twitter. He's another great positive role model in the fitness industry these days that is littered with steroids, hgh, pro-hormones, illegal stimulants, and other substance abuse.
How To Get Him On Your Internets

7) The Frugal Chef:
I've been familiar with The Frugal Chef (Mary Ann Jacobs Allen) for over a year now and I am extremely happy that she is getting more and more publicity these days! She certainly deserves it and deserves more if you ask me! She has over 500(!!!) amazing YouTube Frugal Recipe Videos along with an enormous website and a strong Facebook presence as well. She does a great job catering to her English and Spanish speaking readers and viewers, and I know she will continue to inspire and help many others to eat well without going broke!

8) Ed aka "Old Superman" of Popps Fitness:
OK so I had to add an extra person to this list, but I think it's warranted! Ed is 56 years old and is in much better shape than nearly any 26 year old on the planet! This influential BodySpace and social media personality is an authority on Master's Bodybuilding and all things fitness. He is truly inspiring and proof that fitness and bodybuilding can be an ageless pursuit!

I will probably space these posts out from now on for Rounds 4 and beyond, as well as dig a little deeper for some new online positive fitness influencers. I know there are a TON of great ones out there, and probably a few I really love but missed in these first 3 rounds (sorry!). Make sure to check out my favorites from Rounds 1 and 2 as well on this site! Hope you enjoyed the post!!

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