Get ON My Internets! Round 4: Even More Praise Still For Positive Online Influencers!

These individuals are all approved by Rocky Balboa, Philadelphia's favorite son
However, Ivan Drago says "I must break you" to all of you... don't let him!

Hey Frugal Fitness Fans! Time for another round (Round IV = Rocky IV theme!) of frugalicious respect that I like to call "Get ON My Internets". Each installment salutes the positive & healthy online influencers out there working hard in cyberspace (and in the real world), instead of tearing them down like the chumps at Get Off My Internets. Each of these internet influencers individuals does an amazing job in helping to improve the health and quality of your life, so check them out or Ivan Drago will uppercut you in the face!

"He's not a man, he's a piece of iron" -Ivan Drago, Rocky IV

1) Tara Burner of Tara Burner Fitness and Much More:
Tara is a fitness and social media legend (and coach and author) that does a great job of bringing health and fitness to the masses with her great articles, videos, and guidance. She is a certified health coach, yoga instructor, and fitness trainer. I also really appreciate her support as a she also lives alcohol free, and much longer than myself, so she can give greater guidance than myself in that department. Check out her amazing websites today!

2) Brian Cannone of Fitness Atlantic:
Brian is the founder and CEO of Fitness Atlantic, an east coast United States organization of natural bodybuilders, fitness competitors, bikini, and modeling. He has been having contests and competitions for over 13 years now and has given countless individuals opportunity to succeed and excel in the fitness and modeling industry. He's a charismatic and enthusiastic guy that loves to see people achieve their potential.

3) Adam Shephard of "Scratch Beginnings":
Adam Shephard read the pessimistic famous book "Nickel and Dimed" and decided to create a rebuttal proving the American Dream was still alive and kicking. So he set off on his own with only $25 (now that's FRUGAL even by my standards!) and worked his way up to success and happiness in an epic struggle of rags to riches! He is also a very kind and helpful guy, who even reached out to me when I was starting off my business and writing my first book "The Frugal Diet". Check out his famous and successful book and lecture series!

4) James Erdt of Fitness Star Network:
James Erdt, an accomplished fitness model, competitor, and promoter, founded Fitness Star Network several years ago. It has become a wildly successful fitness competition, modeling, and talent agency for Canada, US, and beyond. Over the years he was worked tirelessly to create a wonderful community of opportunity, support, and positive competition in the fitness community. His website helped give me some of the confidence I needed to get out there and do a bit of fitness modeling and media work. He has always been very supportive and enthusiastic every time I've talked to him and he's always working to promote his members!

5) Peter Swiniarksi of Nirvana Fitness:
Pete is a very passionate and experienced photographer, personal trainer, cyclist, manager, and manager in the Greater Boston and New Hampshire area. He has helped countless people improve their lives through fitness, raised a plethora of money for charitable foundations through his yearly Pan Mass Challenge participation, and has helped a lot of people and businesses with his affordable yet very skilled photography services. He's an overall great guy and happy to help others in need.

6) Lisa Johnson of Modern Pilates:
Lisa is a fitness and pilates icon and has been featured worldwide in many publications and television networks. She is the proud owner of Boston's best pilates studio, Modern Pilates, which has a renown reputation. She is a true fitness media guru with hundreds of videos, articles, tips, and more to help you look and feel your best!

"There Is No Tomorrow Rocky! THERE IS NO TOMORROW!!!" 
-Apollo Creed

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