Frugal Recipe: Mango Soda

When I was little, I had some pretty distinct food obsessions. Wheaties, Puffed Rice (why?), tortellini salad from a little cafè downtown, chicken wings, salami and mayo sandwiches that you had to flatten with your hand first before I would eat them, jelly donuts and Clearly Canadian. Yes, the sparkling, flavored waters were my drug since we never had actual soda in the house. Recently while out to lunch, I was thoroughly reminded of those days with the amazing Spindrift soda made with fresh fruit purèes and sparkling water. I had to try to recreate it.
Mango Soda
1 mango
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 liter sparkling water

Peel mango by slicing an X at the top with a knife and peeling skin back. If it's super ripe, this may be difficult, so you can peel with a knife directly. Slice fruit from pit and purèe in a blender with the sugar and lime juice. Add to the sparkling water in a pitcher, serve.

What were your childhood food obsessions? (I'm already excited for these responses. :) Buon weekend my friends! 

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