Free Healthy Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Workout & Stretches

Enjoy this free workout for overall shoulder health, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, flexibility, and even athletic performance. The shoulder is has the most range of motion but it's also the least stable joint, leaving it susceptible to a plethora of potential injuries. These exercises will use light weight to safely strengthen and stretch the muscles stabilizing your shoulder. Also make sure to correctly train your chest without adding to your shoulder issues.

If you experience more than slight pain during these exercises then lighten the weights, reduce range of motion, or minimize sets of exercises until completely or mostly pain free.

If you can do 20 repetitions of an exercise with good form and no pain, then feel free to increase the weight of the dumbbells slightly.

15-20 Minutes Per Workout, 2x Per Week

x = 1 set of 10-15 repetitions

2x Shrugs 10-15 lbs dumbbells

2x Lateral Raises 5-8 lb dumbbells

2x Front Raises 5-8 lb dumbbells

2x External Rotations 3-5 lb dumbbells

2x External Rotations Resistance Band

3x Rows With Resistance Band

More Optional Exercises:  Planks

Stretch After Exercises (Hold Each For 20+ Seconds Per Side):

2x Shoulder Chest Wall Stretch (hold at various heights)

2x Doorway stretches (go as high as you are able to pain free)

Feel free to add additional light stretches for shoulders, back, neck, forearms, etc along with some slow arm circles.

Stick with this workout at least once per week. Also work on practicing correct posture to avoid further shoulder pain and injury risks.   

Combine with a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, lean proteins, and beneficial carbs.

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