Free Gym Upper Back & Rear Deltoid Workout Version 2

Upper back and rear shoulder training is important to achieving that balanced but strong physique, good posture for injury prevention, maintaining healthy shoulders, burning calories, and increasing metabolism. Effective and challenging upper back and rear deltoid workouts are sometimes a little challenging to do at your home gym with minimal equipment. It usually requires a large number of dumbbells or barbells, cables or resistance bands, and a door frame pullup bar most likely. Sometimes when you want to train heavy or just pump some variety into your workouts, a bare bones gym or affordable health club is the way to go. Here is an outline of the upper back and rear delt workout that I've been utilizing on a weekly basis at my local gym when I'm not working out at home.

First Read Version 1 Of This Workout!

Please note that I do stiff-legged deadlifts (another great upper back builder) at my gym with my leg workouts and not upper back workouts like some others. I do this because of my injury history which limits how much lower back and grip endurance I have on any given workout day. 

x = 1 Set Of 12-15 Reps Of The Exercise

1x Wide Lat Pulldown Machine Light Weight
1x Cable Wide Straight Arm Pulldowns Light Weight
1x Machine Reverse Flies Light Weight
1x Light Chest Press Machine

Main Workout:
4x Wide Lat Pulldown Machine
4x Cable Row Machine
4x Machine Reverse Flyes
4x Cable Wide Straight Arm Pulldowns
4x Resistance Band or Light Dumbbell External Rotations

1x Plank Side Hold 30 Seconds Each Side
1x Plank Hold 30 Seconds

You could also add in or substitute bent-over dumbbell or barbell or T-Bar rows or weighted pullups if you desire. 

Do this upper back and rear deltoid workout once a week (or twice once a month to mix things up) for 4-8 weeks before making any significant modifications. Now time to blitzkrieg that big back and rock those rear delts! Just make sure to stay healthy hardcore!

I hope you enjoyed this free workout for your upper back and rear shoulders while staying on a lean budget.

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Stay Frugal & Fit My Friends!

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