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Upper back and rear shoulder training is important to that V-Taper physique, good posture + injury prevention, healthy shoulders, and much more. Effective and challenging upper back and rear deltoid workouts are sometimes a little challenging to do with minimal equipment. You'll need plenty of dumbbells or barbells, cables or resistance bands, and a door frame pullup bar most likely. Sometimes when you want to train heavy or just pump some variety into your workouts, a basic gym or affordable health club is the way to go. Here is an outline of the upper back and rear delt workout that I've been doing on a weekly basis at my local gym.

Version 2 of this gym Upper Back Workout will be posted next week!

Also keep in mind that I do deadlifts at the gym with my leg workouts and not upper back workouts like some others.

x = 1 Set Of 12-15 Reps Of The Exercise

1x Lat Pulldown Machine Light Weight
1x Cable Straight Arm Pulldowns Light Weight
1x Cable Reverse Flies Light Weight
1x Light Chest Press Machine

Main Workout:
4x Lat Pulldown Machine
4x Plate-Loading Row Machine
4x Reverse Cable Flyes
4x Cable Straight Arm Pulldowns
4x Cable External Rotations

1x Plank Hold 30-60+ Seconds

Do this upper back and rear deltoid workout once a week (or twice on occasion) for 4-8 weeks before making any significant modifications. Now time to blitzkrieg that big back and rock those rear delts! Just make sure to stay healthy and don't lift too heavy!

I hope you enjoyed this free gym upper back workout while staying on a budget.

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Stay Frugal & Fit My Friends!

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