Are You Wasting Your Gym Time?

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It takes a lot of effort to go to the gym, especially when you have so many other things to do. When you’re there, the best thing to do is utilize your time effectively so that you aren’t wasting it when you do manage to go. There are so many mistakes that people make in the gym that takes away from time doing a work out and if you stop these bad habits, you can be ripped and trim instead of wasting your time and taking longer to hit your workout goals.


It’s nice to go to the gym with a buddy, but if you’re spending your time catching up on the gossip and not on the weights, you’re not going to get anywhere. Unless you’re wanting to naturally increase your male hormone or the best foods to get into your system to up your protein, try and rein it in. You’re all there for a reason: an effective workout. And talking isn’t going to get you there! 

Slowing Down

There’s a lot of merit in going for a walk on the treadmill. The problem lies where you are on the treadmill having a stroll and reading a magazine. You’re paying for a gym membership so that you can stay as healthy as possible, and going slowly isn’t always going to do that for you. Push yourself and get your sweat on so that you are using your gym time properly. 

Forgetting Your Plan

If you have paid for and spent time with a personal trainer, you’re going to regret leaving your training plan at home. Put your plan on your phone - which you are more likely to carry with you - and never forget your weight plan again! 

Resting Time 

Taking breaks between workout sets is smart, but if you’re taking more breaks than you are working out, you may as well save your money and go home. There is nothing wrong with taking a break at the gym to catch your breath, but you’re going to do yourself a disservice if you aren’t keeping yourself going. It is only one hour depending on your fitness goals. Just one hour to train your body and trim it down at the same time. 

Worrying About Looks

You don’t need to worry whether your frugal workout clothes look baggy or your hair is a mess. It doesn’t matter what you look like and you shouldn't be concerned with how your Instagram gym selfies are going to turn out. You’re there to train and this means a vest, leggings and if you’re a woman, a sports bra is enough. Tie back long hair - no need for fancy styles - enough to get it out of your face and off your neck and you’re set. Don’t idle in the locker room if you can avoid it. 


The only person that you are going to sabotage by wasting your time in the gym is you. You started up going for yourself, so don’t let yourself down now. Put the smartphone down and get to work. Make your gym time something to be proud of and you will be ripped and shredded in no time at all.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to avoid wasting your time at the gym and enhance your workouts to boost your performance.

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