How To Know The Conventional Cakes Flavours That Are Worth A Try

best conventional cake flavors

Cakes are the soul of any party. So often, we savor these treats in every party and yet, somehow, get stuck with the traditional flavors. With the changing times, the flavors of the cakes have also evolved and have become more delicious. If you have an occasion around and have to get a cake for the event, you should definitely check out these scrumptious options and decide the best flavor to keep up with the trend. Take the guide: 

1. Coffee Cake 

A coffee cake is one of the few cakes that go well with breakfast. It is so soft, moist, cinnamony and buttery that everyone loves it. It is one cake that you would love to savor while reading the newspaper or your favorite book. Just like a cup of freshly brewed coffee, this cake will wake up your soul. 

2. Chocolate Cake 

This ecstatically delicious cake is not a new introduction but deserves mention because its captivating taste refuses to slip away. Chocolate cake, these days, come in different flavors as well like red velvet chocolate cake, Oreo chocolate cake, chocolate truffle fruit cake, etc. So, the next time you introduce a cake to the occasion, make sure you try one of these new flavors and add a new life to the party! 

3. Paan Cake 

Paan cake is one of a kind that is as refreshing as popular. Whether you like paan or not, this cake is worth a try because of the mild and subtle flavor infused in the cake. A paan cake is topped with a layer of paan flavored cream and certain layers of chocolate or vanilla cake base. 

4. Oreo Cake 

An oreo cake is a chock full of cream, chunks of Oreo crowned with creamy ganache. The Oreo cake brings back the memories of one’s childhood. This trend-setter cake tastes as good as an Oreo dunked in a glass full of milk. Get an Oreo cake this time and become the favorite person of your loved ones. 

5. Coconut Cake 

Carrying one of the most lip-smacking flavors, this conventional cake covered in white frosting and filled with coconut flakes will make you feel like you are at the beach relishing some raw coconut with custard, watching the setting sun with your partner. 

6. Gulkand Cake 

Gulkand or rose petal jam is one of the very few flavors that every Indian loves to savor. Gulkand Cake is made of several layers of the chocolate base with rose petal Jam. Eat this cake filled with nature’s candy and make your day as memorable as happy moments of your childhood. 

7. Red Velvet 

The mahogany colored red velvet cake comes from the World War II period when beetroot juice was used to enhance the color of the cake. The ingredients have evolved with time, but the color is still the same. The red velvet cake binds the senses into tasty cream cheese. 

8. Raspberry Cake 

If you want to please your taste buds with something different from the usual fruit cake, the raspberry cake is undoubtedly here to spell its cast on you. Their sweet taste with the undertone of tartness makes this cake worth every bite. 

9. Tea Cake 

For all the tea lovers out there, this one-of-kind cake has delightfully invaded the market, and we can be nothing else but thankful. Moreover, this refreshing flavor also comes fused with other flavors like red velvet, chocolate, etc. So, try on and enjoy your epic chai in dessert form.

Final Words

Cake is one of the greatest desserts of all time. While it isn't always fitness friendly, cake can be frugal and fantastic when eaten in moderation!

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