How to Boost Productivity Like a Pro With 4 Tips

how to boost productivity pro tips increase business production

Did you know that distracted employees cost American businesses around $650 billion per year? If you want your team to be successful and you don't want to lose money every year due to distracted workers, then everyone has to get on the same page of being productive. 

We have put together this list on how to boost productivity like a pro. Keep reading to learn how you can help your employees make the most out of the time that you are paying them for and increase efficiency.

1. Eliminate Distractions

Distractions such as phones, email notifications, multiple web browsers, and excess meetings are all culprits of distracting us and keeping us off task. Getting rid of everything that has nothing to do with the task at hand will go a long way when it comes to improving productivity. 

You will quickly notice a difference in how long it takes a worker to get a job done and you will also notice an increase in the amount of free time.

2. Music

If someone prefers working with music then they can listen to music that helps boost their productivity. Testing out different types of music to see which one helps with staying focused and on task is smart. 

Most people do well with music that only has a beat and no lyrics with a bit of a fast pace.

3. Scheduled Breaks

You might think that taking breaks is counterintuitive to increasing productivity but the truth is that scheduled breaks can improve concentration and reduce distractions. The key is to take short breaks during long tasks to help maintain a consistent level of performance. 

Working on the same task with zero breaks will actually cause a decline in performance and productivity. A short walk around the office or down the block will allow an employee to return to the task at hand with a fresh set of eyes feeling better. 

4. Multitasking Is Not Helpful

You want to get your employees to stop trying to multitask. Multitasking is actually a productivity killer and it can create mental blocks when people switch tasks. Committing to a single task before going on to the next project will give an employee their full attention to the task at hand and it will also improve the quality of their work. 

Instead of spreading themselves thin on multiple projects that they jump from one to the other they will avoid burn out and quality issues. Preventing and minimizing burnout will help your whole company overall in the long-term.

Now You Know How to Boost Productivity Like a Pro

As you can see there are a few ways for boosting productivity. Now that you know how to boost productivity, you can pick and choose the methods that you feel will work for you and your employees. You can also try all of them and decide which ones are your favorite.

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