5 Ways To Improve Social Media Management

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Social media has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes and industries over the last decade. It's an unmatched method of marketing, selling, and interacting with customers all around the world for a frugal price compared to traditional marketing methods. 

The problem for social media managers and businesses is that everyone is now doing it, from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 global corporations. Combine the crowded marketplace with the constantly declining organic reach and it's a recipe for challenging work. Here are some tips to get the most from your social media marketing, management, and selling: 

1. Social Monitoring - Listen To Your Customers On Social Media

Do you know what your customers are saying on social media platforms? You should, because staying savvy about what they’re up to is going keep you a step ahead. Hootsuite makes social listening a cinch, so you can keep an eye on your competitors, listen to your customers, and catch up with your entire industry before your morning coffee’s finished brewing. Pretty neat, huh? Here’s how to utilize social media monitoring with HootSuite.com:

Log into Hootsuite Click “Add Stream” in your dashboard Select the social network you want to monitor Select the “Search” tab Enter the keyword or hashtag you want to monitor Click “Add Stream” (Here’s a quick video of how to do it.) 

That’s all there is to it. Create your search streams now and get the kind of insights that typically only come with focus groups, so you can improve your social monitoring abilities and results. 

There are other social media monitoring and listening programs available, but HootSuite has been around the longest and has a comprehensive offering as well as reliability.

2. Connect With Social Media Influencers 

There are matchmaking and influencer management tool for brands to easily search and connect with influencers that have a similar audience as you. You’ll be able to search for influencers that relate to your brand, and swipe right for who you want to partner or collaborate with. You’ll then be able to chat directly, coordinate your offer, follow through on the post(s), and collect payment in one place. One feature we are super excited about — you will be able to pull your own link and place in your Instagram bio. Any time someone wants to work or collaborate with you, instead of sending an email, they can go directly to your profile and send you an offer. How helpful is that for your social media marketing strategy?

3. Leverage Live Selling Via Video

What will be the main e-commerce and social media trend in 2021? Will this new year mark the return to "normal" as some like to say, or will it present a new challenge for French companies following possible new confinements? Difficult to say at this point but one thing is certain, in 2020, consumer behavior has changed. Inspired by influencers on social networks, major brands but also traders (and even farmers) have started selling their products online, live, on video. It's called Live Shopping, and it's the future of e-commerce and social selling

4. Lean On Loans For Your Social Media Marketing Budget If Necessary

Social media marketing can be quite expensive if you don't know what you're doing or work for a large company. Our frugal social media marketing budget game plan puts refinancing on the fast track. In this crowded and competitive field, the most qualified borrowers are being targeted daily with new refinancing opportunities. So, how can we help you differentiate yourself from the status quo? A loan gives you the advantage of scaling your social media marketing and advertising, to supercharge your online presence and sales.

Our loans resources for top lender companies is not only competitive – we’re also strategic. Every second counts when you’re getting your borrowers past the goal line. We’re here to help you win every time with extensive offerings and a streamlined refinancing process. From start to finish, enjoy the competitive advantages of being with Frugal Finance Loan Resources

5. Learn To Sell Smarter With Social Selling

The ability to build rapport with customers/clients, referral sources, colleagues and the community at large virtually on social media or face to face. Learn these SMM strategies and solutions:

- How to interact with a social media referral source 
- How to make the most of an online networking opportunity 
- How to facilitate a conversation on social media sites

Cultivate connections and leave a positive impression that lasts longer than just a tweet or Facebook comment. Also learn how to effectively build and manage a personal brand that opens new relationships for you to present your most authentic self in order to connect with the people who need your expertise, skills, and perspectives the most on social media platforms.

Strategize Your Social Media Management To Get Going Growing

Social media may be a necessity, but it is far from a walk in the part. It's only going to get harder as organic reach declines and more corporations jump onboard the social media train. 

Make sure your business utilizes these social media management, selling, and marketing tips to stand out from the competition and continue getting high ROI and SMM year after year.

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