Facial Rejuvenation Through Autologous Fat Graft

facial rejuvenation autologous fat graft

Facial rejuvenation crafting refers to a surgical technique used to shape, plump, and contour deflated areas of the face. Deflation occurs due to aging, scars, burns, rhinoplasty, radiation dermatitis, facial deformity, flaps, fold, and weak chins. Yorkville, Toronto, Canada, facial fat grafting by Dr. Born offers you a long-term solution for a radiant, vibrant appearance and youthful look. Outlined below is all you need to know about facial rejuvenation. 

The Benefit Of Facial Fat Graft 

● Autologous facial rejuvenation helps to face volume and revitalize the skin by the tone and texture. 

● It helps to correct the following age-related changes. 

● Hallowing temporal, supraorbital, and forehead. 

● Deep nasojugal groove and nasolabial folds. 

● Deflated lip and weak chin. 

● Poor jawline contour. 

It helps lift and fill sunken cheeks and temples, reshape and tighten the sagging jawline, and restores volume around the eyes. 


Before you go for a face graft, you should be in good health and avoid tobacco use for a successful surgery and to prevent complications. The following are procedures involved in autologous facial fat graft. 

Donor Site Selection And Preparation 

● Fat is harvested from your lateral thigh, abdomen, lateral thigh, suprapubic area, and areas that show enormous amounts of fat on your body. A slim patient should use bilateral donor sites to prevent contour deformities. 

● After donor site selection, a small incision is made to insert small cannulas to disperse local anesthesia to the donor site for fat harvesting. 

Fat Harvesting 

The cannula to a suction machine releases negative pressure to take fat parcels from the donor site to a sterile reservoir. Fat should therefore be harvested as follows: 

● Store vital fat cells in sterilized reservoirs to avoid contamination and infections, which results in early resorption. 

● Small diameter cannulas should be used to easily transfer fat particles and impose minimal trauma since a large cannula causes deformation of the donor site. 

● Avoid traumatic injuries to the vital fat cells during harvesting by use of low negative pressure. 

● Avoid injection of tumescent fluid used in liposuction to prevent floatation and rupture of fat cells. 

● Blood should not be harvested to avoid easier and faster degeneration of fat cells. 

Fat Processing 

It helps remove redundant components such as oil, dead adipocyte, blood, and anesthetic solution to prevent graft necrosis, inflammation, and vasoconstriction. Processing is carried out as follows: 

● Separate constituents by gravity through sedimentation. 
● Centrifugation to help separate condensed fat elements. 
● Remove unwanted elements such as blood by filtration and washing. 

The injection sites are carefully marked and designed, and a stab incision is made by gently moving the cannula to form a tunnel in which a small amount of fat is injected. 


Like any other surgery autologous facial fat graft has some side effects, which are as follows: 

● Bruising and edema. 
● Overcorrection and under corrections. 
● Blistering and scarring. 
● Donor site deformity. 
● Donor site pain. 
● Blindness. 
● Stroke and fat embolism. 

Consult A Facial Fat Graft Specialist Today 

As you age, your face loses shape and volume, and that youthful appearance disappears. Book an appointment with TMB Cosmetic Surgery, and Dr. Born will work magic on your face to give you a more radiant look and appearance. Avoid public shame, embarrassment, and surgical complications by making a step to consult an expert today!

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