Frugal Recipe: Homemade Fruit & Honey Yogurt Popsicles

Contributed By Christie O, Author of Average Moms Wear Capes

Mmmmm… Homemade popsicles for the kids. And Me.

Continuing with September as National Honey Month, I’m celebrating the popsicle! I get tired of having to FIND ice cream with no preservatives or popsicles with no red # whatever in it and so I drooled over this recipe when I found it, it’s a Strawberry Honey Frozen Yogurt Popsicle.
Or whatever type of fruit you want in it really.
The recipe is  really flexible, it doesn’t mind what kind of fruit you use! It’s really quite simple to make and it freezes really fast.
After an evening in Florida in early September when it’s still ridicu-hot while you’re playing frisbee, scootering and biking, these popsicles were an awesome finish to the day to cool off.
He was so excited he forgot to take his helmet off.
Here’s the recipe and I gotta say I have a little extra respect for it because it doubles as an amazing smoothie! I had to really stop myself from drinking it before I poured it into the little cups and ruining it for everyone!
He was thinking “Will you ever just let me eat it or do you always have to take a picture.”
Do the same thing in the morning but don’t freeze it and don’t pour them in tiny cups, and keep it all to yourself and you’ve got a deeelish smoothie too!

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