Barefoot Natural Running & Naked Foot 5K!

Contributed by Amanda Loudin of MissZippy1

I love this picture--see the difference between mid foot and heel striking?
The fun race tee
Ever since concentrating on changing my form, one of my bucket list items has been to run a 5k in bare feet. So when I won an entry to the DC version of the Naked Foot 5k a couple of weeks ago, how could I not go?
Let’s be clear–my goal was to run a bare foot 5k, not race one. I haven’t done enough miles completely bare foot to make racing a 5k reality, but I knew I could run it. I drove down to the race location in Meadowbrook Park in Bethesda. A beautiful park, btw. I met up with a couple of friends from home and we decided to warm up on the course. I did this in shoes and as we headed into the wooded section of the course, I kind of second guessed whether or not I should attempt this. There was a nice stretch of gravel, for starters, which is NOT friendly to bare feet. Then there was the single track in the woods. While it was a nice hard-packed dirt trail, there were still plenty of sticks and stones that worried me. After the wooded section, the course went back to pavement, where I figured I’d be most at ease.

With Katherine and my friend Hazel pre-race
We finished the warm up and then I located Katherine of Neon Blonde Runner, who also won an entry to the race. Katherine is a sweetheart and so easy to chat with.She’s also got a lot of running talent and is just getting started–she hasn’t even scratched the surface with where she is going. It was great to connect with her.
Soon we lined up, me in my bare feet, and we were off. The grassy section we started on was great, as was the first section of pavement. Then we hit the gravel and woods. I had to drastically slow down to make it across this section, but then once I got into the woods, I felt comfortable again. In fact, I caught myself smiling a big smile back there–I love trail running. Then it was back onto the pavement again.
This is where the bottoms of my feet started to scream at me, which surprised me. I thought the woods and grass would be my biggest challenge, but no, it was the very porous black top and concrete. By the final section back in, I was jonesing for some grass–I could feel blood blisters on my toes and soles of my feet. Finally the sweet relief of the grass was in sight and I finished off the race. A slow time, but that was my plan anyhow. The success was in running a 5k in my bare feet.
I had a blast at this event–it was low key, full of other bare footers, minimalist runners and a smattering of traditionally shod runners. Everyone was out there to
have a good time and explore the world of natural running. Katherine tore up the course, finishing in third place overall!

Not so pretty feet post race
When I finished, my first goal was to get to the car, clean up my feet, and get some shoes on. After returning home, I did a more thorough job of cleaning up the sore spots, applied some Aquaphor and bandaids, and spent the remainder of the day walking gingerly. Yes, I paid a price for this one, but it was worth it. Goal accomplished. I smiled all day thinking about it.
Would you/have you ever considered running a race in bare feet? Why/why not? 

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Fantastic Frugal Healthy Snacks & Meal!

Contributed by Courtney Horan, Author of the healthy living blog Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life.
It appears as if SOMEbody must have used up all of their energy this morning…
This was the site I came home to after finishing up a shift at the gym this morning. I had quite a few chuckles to myself because he just looked so darn cute, funny and comfy, all at the same time.
Are all of my non-cat-loving friends out there sick of seeing him yet today? Winking smile
While I was at work this morning, I had a little bit of time to spare so I hopped on an elliptical for an easy 30 minutes while watching Top Gun in the cardio cinema. Good, classic movie…I have no problem working out with a little pre-crazy Tom Cruise in my sights.
Once I got home, I put together one of my favorite mid-morning snacks as of late.
Pairing a banana SOYJOY bar with a little bit of peanut butter is where it’s at.
I haven’t tried the peanut butter with any other flavors besides banana, but I think the strawberry would go pretty fantastic with some Nutella. Just sayin’.
FYI: From now until July 15, 2012, SOYJOY is offering a free shipping coupon code for the SOYJOY e-store! The code: SUMMERJOY.
A couple hours later, after working on some client programs, I took a break to make some lunch.
A buffalo chicken wrap made with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and mustard, all on a LaTortilla Factory whole wheat wrap. On the side, I also threw together a random mix of leftover corn and sugar snap peas that I found in the fridge.
Definitely a delicious meal.
Now it’s about time to get back to work…is the day flying by for anyone else? Yikes!

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5 Free Human Trainer Workout Videos

The Human  Trainer By Astone Fitness is a great versatile workout tool that can thoroughly work the whole body

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Training Tip: Benefits of Frugal Cardio

Cardio Is Great For More Than Just Burning Fat!

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3 Frugal Feast Healthy Cooking Videos

Enjoy these simple, quick, and tasty cooking vids!

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Frugal Healthy Recipe: Easy Walnut Pesto

By Marissa Bognanno, Professional Chef & Zumba Instructor, and Author / Owner of THE BOOT BLOG

"Wow, a morning at the beach makes you really hungry!" said Brittany as she reached for seconds of our creation - Walnut Pesto Pasta Salad. We chopped a cucumber, some super fresh and juicy cherry tomatoes and tossed it all with al dente penne pasta and two big scoops of fresh pesto. I don't know, Britt, a morning at the beach makes me hungry too, but I think our pesto was just really good.
[post-beach walnut cracking!]
Easy Walnut Pesto
2 cups packed, fresh basil leaves
1 garlic clove
1/4 cup walnuts
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup parmigiano reggiano cheese
salt + pepper to taste

Toast the walnuts for a few minutes until fragrant in the toaste. Combine all ingredients, except salt and pepper, in a food processor. Blend until smooth. Season with salt and pepper at the end.

To make the Walnut Pesto Pasta Salad: Chop one cucumber, and ten cherry tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper and a tablespoon of olive oil in a big bowl and set aside. Boil and strain about a 1/2 pound of penne pasta and toss in the bowl with 2 tablespoons of the pesto. Serve with more grated cheese.

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Frugal Sports Medicine: Wrist Pain Prevention

Some Tips To Reduce Wrist Pain & Injury During Workouts
Especially mat-based workouts like yoga, pilates, pushups, & core work

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Supplement Review: Vega Sport Performance Protein Powder

VEGA BABY! The best tasting and mixing protein might be the best for you!

Vega has probably the strongest reputation in the world for vegan, natural plant-based protein powders. This is with good reason. It has got to be the best tasting and mixing plant-based protein powder out there, and extremely healthy to boot! This product, and Vega in general, is a wonderful response to a supplement industry that is dominated by whey / casein / soy proteins (I take them as well but I admit they are all highly processed and many of us get in enough soy as it is), artificial sweeteners, and chemical preservatives. It was created by professional Ironman triathlete, vegan, and best-selling health author Brendan Brazier.

Creator of Vega Brendan Brazier
First off it is comprised of several excellent plant protein sources such as yellow pea, SaviSeed, brown rice, hemp, and alfalfa proteins. That's right, no soy protein in this bad boy. It's also dairy and gluten free as well. It also adds in extra Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) and Glutamine for extra muscle benefits. A digestive enzyme blend is included as well to aid in the breakdown of the protein powder for improved ease of use by your body. The only other ingredients are natural flavors, stevia extract (probably the healthiest low/no calorie sweetener), and salt! Only .6 grams of fat per serving per 25 grams of protein serving size!!! Sign me up!

Honestly, after using Vega for just a few weeks now, I am seriously considering going vegetarian or even going vegan in the near or not too distant future. I've always loved my protein powder but been afraid of giving up my whey and casein, and depending too strongly on soy everything. With Vega, I know it is very feasible to make a huge improvement in your health and diversify your protein intake. It's not always the most frugal price, but you get ever penny's worth with Vega protein powder! Try it out, I know you'll love it!

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Healthier Mini Taco Cups Recipe

These tasty low fat & high protein taco cups are a fiesta for your taste buds!

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Valslide Review By Celebrity Trainer Valerie Waters

Hey Frugal Fitness Fans! As an experienced and mobile personal trainer, I've been using the Valslide, created by celebrity personal trainer Valerie Waters, for many years with clients and during my own workouts. This small but versatile piece of frugal equipment was just named the best training tool by Men's Health magazine! And with good reason. There are hundreds of great exercises and workouts you can do with these things, at home or on the go. Just find a carpet and use your creativity to get a great muscle group or total body workout! Strengthen muscles, get in your cardio, improve range of motion, work on your stability, and much more! I've even opted to use these in the gym setting when personal training clients, choosing them over $2,000+ machines. That is a true testament to their effectiveness in any fitness environment.

What I like to use the Valslides especially include chest flies, pushups, mountain climbers, leg extensions, leg curls, hip circles, lunges, hockey squats, planks, abdominal pikes, and more! The possibilities are really endless, and with the ability to change angles and combine them with other fitness equipment you'll never do the same workout twice. You can constantly progress with your goals of fat loss, muscle building, athleticism, flexbility, balance, and more by progressing with your workouts! Keep your workouts evolving at home, on the go, and at the gym with the Valslide!


Celebrity Trainer & Inventor of the ValslideValerie Waters

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Get ON My Internets! Round 4: Even More Praise Still For Positive Online Influencers!

These individuals are all approved by Rocky Balboa, Philadelphia's favorite son
However, Ivan Drago says "I must break you" to all of you... don't let him!

Hey Frugal Fitness Fans! Time for another round (Round IV = Rocky IV theme!) of frugalicious respect that I like to call "Get ON My Internets". Each installment salutes the positive & healthy online influencers out there working hard in cyberspace (and in the real world), instead of tearing them down like the chumps at Get Off My Internets. Each of these individuals does an amazing job in helping to improve the health and quality of your life, so check them out or Ivan Drago will uppercut you in the face!

"He's not a man, he's a piece of iron" -Ivan Drago, Rocky IV

1) Tara Burner of Tara Burner Fitness and Much More:
Tara is a fitness and social media legend (and coach and author) that does a great job of bringing health and fitness to the masses with her great articles, videos, and guidance. She is a certified health coach, yoga instructor, and fitness trainer. I also really appreciate her support as a she also lives alcohol free, and much longer than myself, so she can give greater guidance than myself in that department. Check out her amazing websites today!
Get Her On Your Internets:

2) Brian Cannone of Fitness Atlantic:
Brian is the founder and CEO of Fitness Atlantic, an east coast United States organization of natural bodybuilders, fitness competitors, bikini, and modeling. He has been having contests and competitions for over 13 years now and has given countless individuals opportunity to succeed and excel in the fitness and modeling industry. He's a charismatic and enthusiastic guy that loves to see people achieve their potential.
Get Him On Your Internets:

3) Adam Shephard of "Scratch Beginnings":
Adam Shephard read the pessimistic famous book "Nickel and Dimed" and decided to create a rebuttal proving the American Dream was still alive and kicking. So he set off on his own with only $25 (now that's FRUGAL even by my standards!) and worked his way up to success and happiness in an epic struggle of rags to riches! He is also a very kind and helpful guy, who even reached out to me when I was starting off my business and writing my first book "The Frugal Diet". Check out his famous and successful book and lecture series!
Get Him On Your Internets:

4) James Erdt of Fitness Star Network:
James Erdt, an accomplished fitness model, competitor, and promoter, founded Fitness Star Network several years ago. It has become a wildly successful fitness competition, modeling, and talent agency for Canada, US, and beyond. Over the years he was worked tirelessly to create a wonderful community of opportunity, support, and positive competition in the fitness community. His website helped give me some of the confidence I needed to get out there and do a bit of fitness modeling and media work. He has always been very supportive and enthusiastic every time I've talked to him and he's always working to promote his members!
Get Him On Your Internets:

5) Peter Swiniarksi of Nirvana Fitness:
Pete is a very passionate and experienced photographer, personal trainer, cyclist, manager, and manager in the Greater Boston and New Hampshire area. He has helped countless people improve their lives through fitness, raised a plethora of money for charitable foundations through his yearly Pan Mass Challenge participation, and has helped a lot of people and businesses with his affordable yet very skilled photography services. He's an overall great guy and happy to help others in need.
Get Him On Your Internets:

6) Lisa Johnson of Modern Pilates:
Lisa is a fitness and pilates icon and has been featured worldwide in many publications and television networks. She is the proud owner of Boston's best pilates studio, Modern Pilates, which has a renown reputation. She is a true fitness media guru with hundreds of videos, articles, tips, and more to help you look and feel your best!
Get Her On Your Internets:

"There Is No Tomorrow Rocky! THERE IS NO TOMORROW!!!" 
-Apollo Creed

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6 Energy Drinks & Sprays Reviewed: The Good, The Bad, and The Frugal!

OK so energy drinks aren't usually the healthiest option for a boost,
especially compared with proper workouts, diet, sleep, rest, & healthy life,
but some products are better than others nutritionally & in terms of price

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GNC Protein Powder Reviews! Soy, Whey, Casein, & Egg Oh My!!!!

Hey Frugal Fitness Fans! I recently decided to try out all of GNC's various types of protein powder in my quest to be the ultimate supplement and health food guru. I've tried a LOT of protein powders in my day, hundreds of brands and products actually. Not exaggerating at all, I've tried it all. It had been awhile since I had GNC 100% Whey and Soy though, and I had not tried their Casein or Egg Protein powder except in smoothies with many other ingredients so that isn't usually the best single test of a protein powder. Although I am getting into making more smoothies (posted 1 video so far but TONS more coming soon), I usually just drink a scoop of protein powder in skim milk, soy milk (light vanilla or non-flavored), or water (shaker cup) so that's how I'll be testin these bad boys out. Here is a little information about each type of protein and how they stacked up in my book:

GNC 100% Whey Protein: Whey protein, a very fast digesting protein, has the highest quality amino acid content of all protein, and this is the pure stuff without any extra carb or fat filler. Great tasting, easy to mix, rich in BCAA's and essential amino acids, plenty of glutamine, and a nice frugal price buying in big tubs! I've been taking GNC 100% Whey for about 8 years now with water, skim milk, soy milk, in smoothies, and more!

GNC 100% Casein Protein: Casein protein is a very slow digesting complete and high quality protein powder source. It is rich in BCAA's, low in cholesterol, and very high in calcium! Casein protein powder gives you the long lasting amino acid supply you need throughout the day and at night while you are sleeping to stay anabolic! I always take mine with skim milk before bed.

GNC Soy 95 Protein: Soy is one of the only non-animal sources of protein that is considered complete, which means it provides all of the essential amino acids needed by your body. It is a relatively quick digesting plant-based source of protein that has an excellent amino acid profile, heart healthy unsaturated fats, saturated fat free, and high in iron! Great for variety, vegetarians, or vegans! I've been taking more soy protein lately each day and I think it's been a good choice! The Soy 95 mixes well and tastes great in water, milk, or a smoothie! SOYLICIOUS!

GNC Egg Protein: Egg protein is an underrated source of high quality amino acids and BCAA's. It is a relatively quick digesting complete protein from natural egg white sources. This protein powder is almost completely fat free, has a whopping 25 grams of protein per serving, and is very high in potassium making it ideal post-workout for total recovery. It's great for diversifying your protein intake, mixes instantly, and tastes pretty darn good! I love me the Chocolate Supreme flavor! I usually take this post-workout with water, skim milk, or fruit smoothie. Much better than Rocky Balboa's old "Egg Protein Shakes" + no risk of salmonella :) An EGGScellent choice indeed! :p

Try these great protein powders out today & learn the real meaning of diversifying your portfolio, your protein portfolio! It will pay dividends indeed when it comes to your health, fitness, & performance!

Also Check Out My Other GNC Video Reviews!!

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Frugal Sports Medicine: Fight Shin Splints!

Shin splints can be a big problem for runners and many other athletes. They don't usually lead to severe injury or complication, but they can become a chronic nuisance and performance detractor if ignored. They can certainly be a death sentence to a distance runner's career. One way to reduce the risk of getting shin splints, or of minimizing symptoms, is to strengthen and stretch the major muscles of the lower leg: gastrocnemius, soleus, and tibialis anterior (yes there are other smaller muscles of the feet and lower leg that also can be worked). This can help to provide extra support for the shin bone (tibia) and minimize some of the impact of running and other high stress activities (plyometrics, step class, sports) on that bone. It could also help to reduce inflammation. Strengthening the tibialis anterior, as shown in the video below with the standing calf raises rocking back on your heels, may be the most helpful. Check this workout out for yourself to build calf muscle, strength, explosiveness, endurance, and possible injury prevention / rehabilitation.

  Stay Frugal & Fit My Friends!

Frugal Fit Tip: Store Rewards Cards vs Store Credit Cards

Store Credit Cards are usually not the best ones to get.
Store non-credit rewards cards are usually worthwhile though!

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Cinder Block Sports Specific Smackdown Workout

Burn Fat, Build Muscle, & Improve Explosiveness w/ This Free Workout!

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My Original 10 Minute Six Pack Abs Workout Routine

Old Video, Not The Best Quality, But The Workout
Is Great To Strengthen The Abs & Core Quickly!

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Very Berry Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Blackberry & Raspberry Chocolate Protein Sensation!

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4 Immune System Boosting Supplements

Supplements containing antioxidants, found mostly in 
fruits / veggies / herbs, may help to reduce excessive free radicals 
that cause disease / cancer / aging and may stimulate overall immune system function

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Increasing Fruits & Veggies During Cancer Treatment

Contributed By Jillian McKee

Anyone who is undergoing cancer treatment is experiencing life changes. Some of those changes can result in a compromised quality of life. However, in some cases, dietary adjustments can elevate that quality and restore it. Eating a healthy diet that includes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables can be helpful in maintaining a higher quality of life. Whether experiencing mesothelioma side effects or those from another type of cancer, a common complaint among patients is a decrease in energy levels. Fruits and vegetables have been is to eat a wide variety of plant based foods to reap the best nutritional benefits. According to a Cornell University doctor, when it comes to fruits and vegetables, not only the quality and quantity count, but also the variety counts as well. It is important to “eat a rainbow,” meaning that eating fruits and vegetables of different colors can help add the necessary nutrients that are found throughout vegetables. There are specific phytonutrients provided by specific plants that perform specific functions in the human body, so one must focus on variety in order to get everything needed.

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, certain medications cause weight gain during cancer treatment. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help keep one’s weight under control by satisfying an appetite with low calorie foods with a high nutritional value. Other medications cause diarrhea, which can alter one’s quality of life considerably. The soluble fiber found in bananas, pears, and apples can help lessen the symptoms. Some people experience constipation and this also makes life more difficult. Ingestion of fresh, high fiber fruits and vegetables can help alleviate the problem. Drinking sufficient quantities of water and eating foods like beans, peas, lentils, berries, carrots, prunes or potatoes can help one regain regular digestive characteristics.

The American Cancer Society lists dried beans, peas, lentils and soy foods as being good sources for protein. Eating sufficient amounts of protein helps cancer patients heal faster and recover from surgery sooner.  Vegetable oils that contain monounsaturated fats have positive effects as well. Benefits of carbohydrates include being an energy booster. To look and feel one’s best during cancer treatment, load up on the fruits and veggies.

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Frugal Sports Medicine Guide To Shoulder Pain Reduction & Prevention

If done lightly & pain free, lateral raises can be helpful for strenthening & pain reduction
Another Frugal Sports Medicine post for ya, since my degree is in Sports Medicine after all! Shoulder pain is very common for weightlifters, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and even sedentary individuals. This stems from the fact that our shoulder joint, although extremely mobile to provide versatile functions, is very unstable and prone to injury. The shoulder socket is very shallow and the muscles holding your arm in it are very small and weak (the 4 rotater cuff muscles). I've had a bad right shoulder for many years now due to bench pressing far too heavy weight, sometimes with questionable form, from ages 17-21. But I can still lift and I've avoided worsening my shoulder or other complications by making modifications and improvements to my workout regimen. Here are some changes that have worked for me and many others by strengthening your rotator cuff, deltoids, and upper back. Also some chest / bicep stretching and ensuring your upper body's musculature is in proper proportion.

Exercises To Add / Emphasize:
-External Rotations
-Internal Rotations
-Rows of all types
-High Rows or Lat Pulldowns w/ various grips (as long as shoulder doesn't bother you)
-Reverse Cable Flies, Reverse Band Flies, Reverse DB flies
-Very light front and lateral raises with varying grips

-Chest Stretch (arm parallel)Stretches:
-Chest Stretch (arm above parallel)
-Chest Stretch (arm below parallel)

Avoid / Minimize / Lighten:
-Barbell Bench Press & Barbell Incline
-Barbell Shoulder Press
-Dumbbell Shoulder Press
-Upward Rows (if no pain you could do them light)

Avoid Completely:
-Behind the neck pulldowns
-Behind the neck pullups
-Behind the neck presses
-Deep weighted Tricep Dips
-Very Close Grip Rows (T-Bar grip)
-Upward rows (if they give you pain)
-Cheat Curls (strains bicep tendon and deltoids too much)

Also Practice:
-Proper Posture (shoulder blades pulled back, sit up straight)
-Deep tissue massage for chest, shoulders, neck, & back
-Foam Roller Upper Back


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6 Fabulous Frugal Fitness Tips!

Crush The Costs of Your Health & Fitness Bills w/ These Video Tips!

Frugal Fitness

Low Fat & Whole Grain Pizza Pie!


So that's how we got this childhood obesity problem... (Joking)
Stay Frugal & Fit My Friends!

3 Exercise Love Handle Handler Workout!

Get A Handle On Those Love Handles & Abs!
Tone Up Your Midsection With This Workout!!

Frugal Fitness

My New Workout Weekly Split!

Time To Get Back In Shape!

I want to be in the best possible shape for all my readers, viewers, clients, and people that look up to me for health and fitness advice. I want to be a role model and not a hypocrite. 
I want to be the best I can be.

I have to admit, over the past several years my fitness regimen and workout priorities have taken a bit of a beating. Aside from a couple good weeks or months, I've been in an overall state of "bulking up" or "rest". Or in a state of "cultivating mass" as Mac says on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Not the good kind of mass, the fatty kind that accumulates on my chest, stomach, and love handles. All of the website work, video editing, and social media has taken it's toll (no excuses though!) so I'm making a declaration to change that, starting today! Already did my cardio and doing my lifting workout in the next hour! And no, these videos are not the only workouts I do or will do, consider them just teasers or portions or previews :)

Enter my new ambitious and effective workout weekly split that I'll be doing for a long time. I will modify it as needed if I change my goals (a race or bodybuilding competition) but it will probably stay relatively intact regardless.  This workout plan will emphasize significant fat loss, a few lbs of overall weight loss, and muscle maintenance or moderate muscle growth. It will also certainly improve my endurance if I decide to focus on doing some 5-10k, Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, etc. The double session days will be split up if possible between morning and evening, and you'll notice that Leg Day (with no cardio that day) is on Monday to get it over with...because if you do Leg Day right it will be the hardest workout of the week! While I'm not getting into exact detail yet on every exercise etc, you'll find that it is a tough but healthy and well thought out program. If you have any questions feel free to comment on this post.

Monday:  LEG DAY (except calves)
Tuesday:  Chest & Shoulders + 30 Minutes Exercise Bike
Wednesday:  Abs & Core + 45 Minutes Running
Thursday:  Upper Back + 30 Minute Walk
Friday:  Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, Trapezius + 35 Min Running
Saturday:  Calves + 45 Minutes Exercise Bike
Sunday:  20-30 Minute Walk (Active Recovery / Rest Day)

I did today's workout but this week will be a bit skewed due to the Warrior Dash I'm running on Sunday. But no excuse, I will workout like a beast until then anyways (which is a good idea) and starting to follow this regimen to the letter starting Monday. Should be a tough Leg Day after a Warrior Dash!

I want to be the in best possible shape for all of you readers and viewers, and fully practice everything I preach. I'll keep you all updated via video or blog post every so often but hopefully within the next month and beyond you'll be looking at a sleeker and fitter Frugal Fitness guru! Thanks as always for reading & watching!

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Affordable Workouts & Nutrition For Any Budget

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For Whom The Bell Trolls

Just a reminder "Don't Feed The Trolls",That is the best way to fight off evil trolls and get the best revenge: living well!

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EPIC RECIPE: Healthier Cheesecake Cupcakes!

Inspired Healthy Deliciousness By

Frugal Fitness

Frugal Sports Medicine: Fight Neck Pain At Home

Contributed By Phillip Peters, Inventor of Shane's Neck Brace

Don’t put up with neck pain.  Fight back and give yourself neck pain relief straight from home. Believe it or not, there are home remedies that work just as well as professional remedies given by physicians.

A major benefit of home neck pain cures is that they are inexpensive and do not cause any pain or burning feelings in your hands or fingers. Usually with home neck pain relief solutions, you won’t have any side effects unlike some prescriptions where you may have side effects.

What are neck pain cures that can be used at home?

One of the easiest ways to ease neck pain is to do some stretching exercises.  Stretching tends to relax the muscles of the neck.  Something as simple as rolling your neck can help you also. Yes, it may look funny but it does ease some suffering. Roll it in a clockwise motion.

Massaging the neck area with or without oil will help encourage the flow of blood to the area.  Simply massage the area in circular motions but this may take time to alleviate the pain.  Though time consuming, this is an effective remedy.

An over the counter cream can act as a neck pain cure. Find one that has no odor so it can be used anywhere. Many of the creams that are available not only ease the pain but also help reduce any inflammation that may have occurred.

Using heat on the afflicted area is a way of how to relieve neck pain. Heat will also help the muscles in the neck to relax and allow you to move your head with less discomfort. You can use a hot water bottle,   heating pad or a hot shower to massage the neck.

A combination of cold and heat is also a good way to cure neck pain. Some people are under the impression that only heat is beneficial but this is not the case. Heat and cold both increase blood flow to the area and improve circulation.

Herbs for Neck Pain Treatment
In many countries, herbs are used to heal the body and this includes neck pain. They are available in different forms such as lotions, creams, powder, supplements and more. Some over the counter creams used for neck pain relief have camphor and menthol in them.  They are used externally to help improve the blood flow to the afflicted area.

Kudzu is used to help decrease inflammation that can cause neck pain. Another neck pain cure is Devil’s claw which is grown in Africa.  This remedy is believed to decrease the amount of pain and help people who suffer from osteoarthritis function better.
St. John’s Wort is used in many areas of the world because it is believed that it can decrease inflammation and do away with nerve pain.  This remedy is ideal for those who have neck pain due to a pinched nerve.

Lavender is not only a fragrace but can be used as an oil for massaging the muscles toget rid of neck pain. The oil and the massage therapy can benefit a person that needs neck pain relief.

Frugal Fitness