Frugal Sports Medicine: Degenerative Disease & Neck Braces

Contributed By Phillip Peters, Inventor of Shane's Neck Brace
Degenerative disease is responsible for the deterioration of the spine and the discs with age. They allow your spine to move freely and act as a type of absorber. The most common place for deterioration is the neck and spine. It can also be due to osteoarthritis and it is also possible to develop a herniated disc because of the deterioration. Spinal stenosis is also possible and can cause major setbacks in your fitness goals or even activities of daily living (ADL).
When you experience back or neck pain, this may be a sign of cervical spondylosis. Regular physical activities cannot be completed quickly or properly when this occurs.
The most common cause of neck pain is degenerative disease. Loss of flexibility commonly occurs as you age as well as loss of absorption by the cervical disc. This causes stiffness and neck pain. A neck collar will help to alleviate pain. The pain is decreased because of the neck support a cervical collar provides. Using a neck support device, you can have proper posture because of the support to the neck as well as the back. It helps to align the neck and the spine.
The use of a brace neck will help stop the condition from becoming worse.  If the condition is left alone without treatment, some of the nerves in the spine may be damaged and this may be permanent. The neck collar should be used around the clock to decrease the pain and irritation. In addition, you may be given some neck exercises as well to help condition the neck and eliminate the pain.
When you have bad neck posture, it can result in neck pain as well as shoulder and back pain. Because of the pressure on the spine, deterioration can begin and cause problems with the spine as well as the neck and if it is not treated with a brace for the neck, the damage many not be fixable.
Osteoarthritis of the neck occurs when the protective cartilage deteriorates causing pain.  A herniated disc is when the spinal disc opens up or when there is a protruding bulge in the spine.
Using a neck brace, aka cervical collar, can help to ease the pain and provide stability to the neck as well as the spine. Movement is stopped to prevent pain and additional injuries or condition.  A person’s posture can also improve depending on the type of neck collar chosen and required.  Do not think that this will cure the problem.  It will not but it will provide pain relief and some comfort.
Depending on the severity of the problem and the cause, you may choose from various types of neck braces.  If you have back problems in addition to neck problems, you may be prescribed a back brace and neck brace combo.
There are some insurance policies that are able to cover neck braces but you need to check with the insurance company. Orthotics may be covered under some policies. Before you purchase one, check your insurance policy to see if it is covered.  This will help save on the expense.

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