Dispelling Myths About Dietary Detoxes & Toxin Cleanses

We all know friends and family members that are all about the diet fads, juice cleanses, or other "get thin" miracles cures. Those work colleagues who are always on some detox or another. They habitually starve themselves, they come into works in outbreaks of spots, they’re grouchy and irritable and for all their self-destructive they never actually seem to lose any weight. This is because they’ve bought into the great detox myth. And they’re not alone. The detox industry is currently worth at least $50 billion and growing. It's also very popular for healthy New Year's Resolutions and weight loss.

In this article we’ll look at some of the ways in which the industrialization of detoxing is misleading, highlight some of the dangers of eschewing a healthy diet in favor of detoxing and look at some ways in which you can keep your body healthy and free of contaminants without starving it (while losing weight, having higher energy levels and generally feeling great)

Detoxing: The Great Redundancy 

Detoxing is a myth… Or rather needing to forego food and nutrition and purchase a course of supplements or dietary shakes or teas or bottled juices is a myth. 

That’s not to say that teas regularly referred to as detox teas aren’t healthy or beneficial, they absolutely can be! You’ll find lots of healthy ingredients like matcha green tea which helps to boost your metabolism (although its effects are very often overstated), ginger and lemon juice which are proven thermogenics, and rooibos which is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds. These are all great ingredients and the tea in question has undeniable health benefits, but teas like this should always be intended to supplement a healthy diet rather than supplant it. 

Drinking healthy teas does not detox your body. Your body detoxifies itself. That’s what your liver and kidneys are for! Even your skin and lungs can help to rid the body of harmful toxins. In this light our priority should be ensuring that we eat and drink foods that will keep these organs functioning as we should if we expect our bodies to remain free of contaminants. 

Man Shall Not Live By Juice Alone 

Liquid diets are never, ever, ever a good idea. What little weight loss they may facilitate is guaranteed to be short lived as most of it will be due to water loss (since those on juice diets are frequently visiting the bathroom). What few health benefits your body will be able to get from the nutrients (that it won’t be able to process adequately on a purely liquid diet) will be offset by headaches, loss of concentration, irritability, feeling faint or woozy and generally having a terrible time. 

Let The Right Stuff in and keep the wrong stuff out 

The simple truth is that we don’t need to punish our bodies to keep them healthy. A healthy diet is more than adequate to keep our body’s natural detoxifiers working as they should. Steering clear of contaminants like smoking and excessive alcohol intake is a no-brainer as is steering clear of fatty, sugary processed foods. Eschewing these for a whole foods, mostly plant-based diet accompanied by healthy teas and plenty of water is all the detoxing you need!

And if you keep things healthy and simple then you won't feel the need to resort to drastic measures such as detoxes in the first place! Everything in moderation as they say.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to avoid over-hyped detoxes while still losing weight and increasing physical / mental performance.

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