5 Best Beauty Benefits Of Regular Exercise

best beauty benefits regular exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is good for their overall health and wellness, but have you taken a moment to consider just how great it is for your beauty? You probably haven't considered the beauty benefits of exercise, but don't worry. We have put together the five biggest beauty benefits of exercise. Check it out. 

1. Healthy Skin Glow 

Exercising increases your heart rate and is it does so it increases blood flow. This sends oxygen, minerals, and vitamins to the tiny capillaries in your skin's inner layers. Remember, oxygen and blood are necessary for healing so the increase in flow is boosting the natural glow of your skin. So, regularly exercising is going to give your skin a healthy natural glow. 

2. Hair 

Do you know what else circulation helps when it comes to beauty benefits? It improves your hair and the healthy skin of your scalp. 

Yes, while you may be sweating heavily and in need of a quick shampoo, that boost in blood flow is an excellent way to stimulate the follicles of your hair, thus stimulating growth. Of course, you'll also notice a difference in the shine of your hair

3. Sweat 

You can't overlook just how great sweating is for you. Don't get caught up in the thinking that suggests it's blocking your pores. It's not, it's letting you sweat out all of your impurities and toxins. Besides the fact that you're burning unwanted fat and staying lean, sweating is a great way to clear your pores and purge toxins. It's just important that you have a good shower after or it could cause a build-up of bacteria. Also, don't wear makeup to the gym – that can cause sweat to get trapped in the pores. You're there to work out anyways, not win a beauty pageant!

4. Wrinkles & Acne Be Gone 

Exercising helps reduce cortisol levels and while we generally discuss cortisol in the context of stress, it can also increase sebum production. This means you're going to experience more breakouts and lose collagen. Cortisol is literally robbing you of your youth. The sweating clears your pores to relieve acne, while the boost in circulation helps with collagen production. Just remember, if you are prone to acne you should have handy face wipes to wipe yourself down following your gym session. Those wipes should be fragrance-free. 

Additionally, choose wicking fabrics that will keep your sweat away from your smooth skin. This is especially true for anyone with eczema. 

5. Stress Management 

So, you already know how damaging the stress hormone cortisol can be to acne and collagen, it can also affect your waistline. There is nothing good about excess amounts of cortisol. It increases your stress levels, affects your sleep, leads you to make the wrong decisions about food, and leaves you exhausted. So, regularly exercising is one of the most effective ways to counteract cortisol, not only does it reduce your levels it boosts your endorphins. So, not only will your mood improve, but you'll also look absolutely amazing. 

Big Beauty Benefits From Effective Exercise

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