Tips For Picking The Right Shoes For Flat Feet

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Flat feet are a common problem that can exist in both adults and children, but generally they don’t cause any adverse effects. Flat feet are a deformity of the foot where the natural arch is flattened. The condition can be asymptomatic and painless for most sufferers, but it can cause problems when picking footwear. 

Picking the right footwear can be a great way to soothe and even treat flat feet, as they can provide extra stability and comfort to the arch and heel area. Wearing the right footwear for your feet is essential as it provides cushioning and can help your balance. This is especially true for flat feet sufferers. Here are a few tips that you should consider when picking shoes as a flat feet sufferer to ensure that you are as supported as possible. 

Casual Shoes Will Need Reinforcement 

Casual shoes can be particularly difficult for sufferers of flat feet to wear, but you can purchase comfortable casual footwear that can also offer support. Arch support insoles are a great way to transform your casual shoes. 

Insoles can be removable so that you can use different shoes with the same support. If you have flat feet, then wearing unsupported shoes such as flip flops, high heels, or shoes without insole supports can cause you pain or even make your condition worse. Make sure that you research the best insole for flat feet to ensure that your footwear is supportive. 

Try Orthopedic Shoes 

Another tip is to try orthopedic shoes to help with your flat foot deformity. They can be a rigid option as they provide stiffness to help support your feet. High quality orthopedic shoes often include hard-heel counters and steel shanks. You can get well padded collars to further support your flattened arch area. You may not initially like the idea of wearing orthopedic shoes, but they can be a great way to ease any flat feet issues you may have. 

Stability Running Shoes 

Those who suffer with flat feet often have issues when walking and running as their ankles can turn inwards. This not only puts extra pressure on their knees and feet, but it can also increase the risk of suffering further serious injuries. In recent years, leading manufacturers of running shoe brands have started to include their own lines of stability running shoes that offer a more lightweight and well- cushioned shoe to wear. 

Beware Of Sandals! 

Even though they can be particular popular in summertime, sandals lack some of the most important structural features that you would find in a regular shoe. It is important that you avoid wearing shoes that do not offer additional support wherever possible. And make sure if you do decide to wear sandals to only wear them for short periods of time and don’t try to walk long distance in them. 

If you suffer from flat feet, then it is essential that you investigate the different footwear options that are available for you and use insoles to instill extra support. By having flat feet and not wearing supportive shoes at work or during workouts, you are likely to make your condition worse.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about healthy tips for picking the right shoes for flat feet and for foot and ankle support.

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