The Perfect Wedding Diet Tips for You

top wedding diet tips lose weight before marriage

Although you certainly do not have to lose weight, some brides choose to lose a few pounds before their big day. Instead of opting for dangerous diet fads, you should make some real changes to your diet so that you can lose weight safely. Here is a plan of action that will help you to lose weight before your big day

Increase Your Protein Intake 

You should include more protein in your diet. Protein will increase your metabolism, as it requires more energy to break down. Moreover, it suppresses your hunger hormones, which leaves you feeling fuller for a longer time. You should consume 1.6g of protein for each kg that you weigh. Because your body only absorbs 20-30g of protein per sitting, you should eat portions of it throughout the day. Protein is also responsible for revealing lean muscle and this will make you look toned in your gown. If you want a gown that will bring out your figure, you can check out the dresses here

Eat Complex Carbs 

Instead of avoiding carbohydrates altogether, you should eat complex carbs such as quinoa and brown rice. They have a low glycemic index, which means that they release sugar slowly. On the other hand, simple carbs give you a sugar spike and satisfy you faster but you will feel hungry shortly after. 

Eat More Fiber Daily

If you avoid carbs, it will be much harder to consume your recommended daily intake of fiber. You should eat more grains and fruit to hit your daily fiber intake. These sources of fiber have a minimal amount of calories. Moreover, they help in the digestion of food and keep it in the stomach for longer, which means that your hunger will be suppressed for long. 

Don’t Forget To Eat Breakfast 

Even when you are trying to lose weight, you should not skip breakfast. As you sleep, your body exhausts your energy (glycogen) stores, which makes breakfast an important meal. When you eat breakfast, it refuels your body and prevents it from using your fat reserves for energy. 

Although this sounds like a good thing, especially if you are trying to lose weight, it is not. Fat is not a good source of glycogen because it leaves your body feeling tired. Moreover, your body uses glycogen to function, which means that skipping breakfast deprives it of optimum function. You do not have to eat a heavy breakfast; a slice of toast is enough to fire up your system. 

Eat Smaller Meals 

Instead of consuming 3 heavy meals in a day, you should spread out your food consumption and eat less. For instance, you can eat five smaller meals a day. Not all five meals need to be properly balanced, you can eat three balanced meals and two snacks. Doing so moderates your hunger and keeps you fuller throughout the day. Additionally, it regulates your blood sugar and curbs your cravings. 

Eat Every Food Group 

Instead of avoiding certain food groups, you should eat them in moderation. When you cut out foods that lead to weight gain, your weight will come back when you reintroduce them to your diet. Moreover, cutting out certain foods will only make you crave them more and you will be more likely to binge when stressed. 

Weight Loss Should Not Be Some Sort Of Punishment. It should help you to form a good relationship with food long-term. 


To lose weight before your big day, you should eat all food groups, consume smaller meals, avoid skipping breakfast, increase your intake of protein, eat complex carbs, and fiber. Doing do will ensure that you lose weight naturally.

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