Lemon Strawberry Trifle Recipe

lemon strawberry trifle recipe

This fruity find is just fantastic. Your friends and family will be swooning over this and it will be on account of your delicious dessert! I got this Lemon Strawberry Trifle recipe from the Pinterest, like so many of us get all the great ideas. If you wanted to make something a little bit different try smoked strawberries, it adds a whole new depth of flavor. All you need to do is throw your strawberries in your natural gas smoker for 30 minutes. Feel free to utilize this technique in the recipe below for even more unique flavor. I’ll warn you though, it’s a sinfully delicious and not so low-cal, so make sure you’re leaving yourself some room for it. Or not. I’m just saying. It is pretty simple to make, too, and also I saw my mother-in-law having a vivid inner conflict about whether or not to go in for seconds, so you know everyone will love this.  Here we go, it's trifle time!

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