Introduction To A Keto Diet: Things You Have To Know

Ketosis is an amazing and easy way in which a person burns fat by simply using exogenous ketones instead of glucose or carbohydrates. A keto diet is low carbohydrate and high in protein and fat, somewhat similar to the Atkins Diet. It helps a person lose weight by forcing their body to burn fat instead of carbs. This is achieved by breaking down fats in the liver, which in turn form ketones. A ketogenic diet can help you really shed those stubborn pounds of fat fast. 

Is It Possible To Build Up Your Muscles While On Keto Diets? 

It is definitely possible to build up muscle while on a keto diet. First, you need to know which foods to consume. These foods are foundational to the ketogenic diet and give you the energy that you will need to lose weight. 

- Beef 
- Chicken especially thighs and legs 
- Avocado which is high in monounsaturated fat 
- Whole eggs which are a very good source of protein 
- Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, spinach and all the other categories of greens. 
- Whey protein powder
- Nuts like macadamia and cashews. 
- Pumpkin seeds which are very nutritious. 
- Bacon 
- Olive oil which is known for its amazing health benefits - Cream cheese 
- Fatty fish 
- Coconut oil 
- Homemade Salsa

While eating these foods which are rich in protein, the body will adjust to the diet and start building up your muscles. In addition, you want to be drinking lots of water, exercising and being active regularly. The process of muscle formation while on keto diets is made easier by use of exogenous ketones, and by using a special supplement helps the body to take ketones to where they are needed within the body for the formation of muscles. 

You should know that this is a low carb diet and so you will not have as much energy, due to the reduction in carbs. In fact a person is supposed to reduce their carb intake by 20 g per day which is considered to be very low for proper functioning of the body. However, this diet is a great way to build lean muscle. 

Using exogenous ketones is safer and has no side effects. There are people who prefer to structure their eating plan differently, such as by eating more carbs in certain days in a week, but this comes with consequences, especially if they are following the keto diet. They develop withdraw symptoms that hinders muscle growth. The hydroxybutyrate that is found in ketosene supplement is known to produce ATP rather than glucose. 

Benefits Of Being In A Ketosis Diet 

1. Ketosis diet effectiveness for losing weight is made possible by the ability of the body to utilize fats which it uses as fuel. In the normal circumstances, the body is used to having carbohydrates for its source of energy. So it does not go an extra mile of utilizing the fats in body. While on this diet, it has no choice but stay active to ensure all the fats are turned to energy. 

2. When a person is on this diet, the appetite is suppressed. A person is not able to consume a lot of food because the diet mostly consists of proteins. On the other hand a diet that has high carbohydrates tends to keep a person hungry. 

3. When in ketosis, the body mostly prefers using ketones rather than glucose. So there is no point of oxidizing proteins to generate glucose. This means that the protein and calories consumed are sparingly used in the body thus maintaining good body weight. 

The Side Effects Of A Keto Diet 

Most people find it difficult to complete the first week. Within this week, the withdrawal symptoms are worse. Actually, something called carb flu comes knocking at this stage, which leaves your body weak. The cause of this flu is natural since it is the reaction that the body undergoes while switching from burning sugar as energy to burning fat. The symptoms of this flu look more like withdrawal effects that a person undergoes when trying to stop an addiction like drugs or alcohol. People feel drowsy, dizzy and nauseous. 

All in all, keto diet is good and worth trying. As long as you keep using exogenous ketones, you are good to go. Basically when you analyze the benefits it comes along with, you realize it is worth trying. After all, all those who have gone past the first week say it was worth it

If you're having trouble toning up and making healthy changes with a regular diet, check with a medical professional to see if a Keto Diet would be right for you!

I hope you enjoyed this article about what you need to know about Keto Diets and healthy weight loss on a lean budget.

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