4 Exercises Proven To Help Tone Your Body

Making it to your fitness club is not always possible. However, there are four excellent exercises you can do anywhere, which are proven to help tone your body. They are so simple that it's easy to try these exercises at a pay-as-you-go gym, without having to pay for a pricey contract. 

Like the flexibility provided by these exercises, pay-as-you-go fitness centers in Toronto, like Striation 6 offer members a financial flexibility not offered by traditional gyms, and, armed with a few easy exercises, you can use these gyms to help tone your body in no time. Here are four outstanding exercises to tone your entire body. 


Planking is an often-misunderstood exercise. It is an excellent maneuver to tone your entire body, and best of all, it takes little or no space. Beginners can start a planking regimen by gradually increasing the amount of time they plank, and there are also variations of planking that make it a great option for all fitness and strength levels. You can gravitate to side planking and other more intense planking moves as you become more comfortable with this exercise. 


Similar to planking, push-ups can be done just about anywhere. Another great feature of push-ups is that you can reduce or increase the difficulty: Standard push-ups are a proven exercise to help tone your entire body, but you can elevate your feet to add intensity. Advanced trainers can also include single-arm push-ups, or other difficult push-up variations, or reduce the level of intensity using an exercise ball. When you go to a pay-as-you-go gym, enlist the help of a personal trainer to show you exactly how to do push-ups for maximum effect. 

Single-Leg Deadlifts 

Single-leg deadlifts focus in large part on the lower body, however, with some inventive forethought, they can also tone your entire body. The standard single-leg deadlift works the quads, calves and your core muscles, but by adding arm moves, with or with weights, you can boost the full-body tone of this exercise. Dumbbells and kettle bells can be used to seriously maximize the intensity of this underrated but incredibly effective exercise. 

Bulgarian Split Squat 

The final in your list of exercises to tone your body is the most difficult. The Bulgarian split squat with rear lateral raise is a rarely used, but intense exercise. It is frequently one of the benefits of doing bootcamp classes, as instructors appreciate the full body intensity of performing this exercise correctly. The Bulgarian split squat can be performed without the rear lateral raise, however the added maneuver magnifies the intensity dramatically. The extra move helps to ramp up the cardio benefits, while also incorporating the chest, shoulders, arms and back into an exercise originally designed for leg work. 

These four exercises are simple, and, when you try them at the right pay-as-you-go gym, can be very effective in burning fat, adding muscle and generally toning the body. Many of these exercises are employed as part of intense group classes offered at pay-as-you- go gyms. When you take advantage of a flexible gym, you also gain the expertise of the knowledgeable professionals that work there to make certain you are doing these body-toning exercises correctly. Make sure to pair up your exceptional exercises with plenty of protein powder!

I hope you enjoyed this article about proven frugal exercises to help you tone up on a thrifty budget.

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