A perfect set of exercises that just about anyone can do! All you need are a couple dumbbells, yourself, and 10 minutes. (We all have AT LEAST that). Challenge yourself to this set wherever you are, at home or at the gym. 

All of these moves are great, solid core exercises for a toned midsection. Combined, they set you up for some major strengthening and toning. They are set up to be two smaller circuits. Follow the instructions below for a walk through of reps and any needed direction. Watch the video below to see what each exercise looks like. 

3-4 sets: 10 weight to knees crunch (Do not lift your shoulders or head off the ground. Focus on squeezing your core as you come together during this workout!) 

10 each side weightless contralateral crunch (Your goal is to get your shoulder blades up off the ground here. The arm that is out to your side is used as a base. If you must push your weight onto that elbow to get up at first, that is okay. Work toward using total core strength in time.) 

10 straight arm crunch (This is a great way to crunch without pulling your neck. You are to push your arms straight toward your toes, again with the goal of getting your shoulders off the ground. Make sure you face up toward the ceiling so that there is no tension in the neck.) 

Rest 1-2 minutes & repeat these three, then move to the next circuit

3-4 sets 

10 each Single knee pull-in + leg raise (Lean back to 45 degrees & plant your hands behind you for a stable base.) 

10 each lower ab circuit (ankles together pulling in & out between dumbbells---& ankles together moving up & over DBs ----& starting with ankles together moving away over dumbbells) 

Rest 1-2 minutes & repeat these four exercises and you’re all done!

Now Watch The Frugal Fitness Workout Video:

**Please keep in mind that diet plays a major role in the visibility of your abs! If you would like to set yourself up for some good ideas on how to eat, please check out the Frugal Fitness free meal plans and affordable recipes

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I hope you enjoyed this workout that will give you a solid core and ripped six pack in just 10 minutes per day. 

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