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Not everyone likes to exercise and eat right just for the sake of working out or bodybuilding. A lot of people need more of a functional reason to get and stay in shape, and sports are a big reason. Most people get into fitness after playing sports as a kid and wanting to increase their performance, while others get into sports like kayaking, biking, skiing, tennis, Crossfit, and golf later in life. Sports are fun and social ways to get and stay in shape.

Whether you are looking to become a collegiate or professional athlete or just hoping to add 50 yards to your drive on the golf course, working out with the right resistance training, cardio, and stretching can drastically improve performance in sport. 

Enjoy this growing number of articles on sport specific training, new sports you should try out, and how to excel at physically active hobbies: 

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More blog posts and articles and workouts for sports, fit hobbies, frugal sports medicine, athletes, and athletic training coming soon!

What If CrossFit Is Your Sport Of Choice?

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Well we've got you covered here too! CrossFit is not traditionally a frugal pursuit, if you pay $200 or more per month just to do a dozen workouts at an official CrossFit gym. It's not personally my go-to exercise plan preference, but you can't deny some of the appeal and benefits. But you can do CrossFit workouts in any dirt cheap big box gym, or even at your home gym if you make some modifications and know what you're doing. Enjoy these growing number of free CrossFit articles and free WODs to try out:

Opinion Articles on CrossFit

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More free CrossFit articles and blog posts plus Workouts Of The Day routines coming soon!

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